Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kaththi plagerism

Writer  Minjur Gopi,  claimed that the script of Vijay-Samantha’s latest film Kaththi belonged to him, Gopi had been claiming for the past six months that the script of the film belonged to him and that it had been ‘lifted’ by Murugadoss. He even filed a case with the Court submitting  how Murugadoss ‘stole’ the script cleverly from him. the necessary documents to support his claim. The writer later , who had filed a case against AR Murugadoss  has now withdrawn his case. The court has fined Gopi for causing unnecessary chaos and disrupting the judicial function. Meanwhile, Murugadoss has now filed a defamation case against Gopi.

Breaking his silence, Murugadoss spoke to media on the issue and said that Right from the beginning of the controversy he was clear about not getting involved in the case, because when his  next film releases, some other person will come and claim it is his story Murugadoss replied to accusations that  once  a script is  ‘well-endowed’ in the brains department didn’t need to ‘steal’ others’ scripts. A.R. Murugadoss, met with another controversy as that it is being said that he reportedly abused Minjur Gopi  verbally by referring to his caste

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